Now is the time for less waste

What does waste less mean to you?

I am about to share what wasting less means to me.

Meaningful shopping

Being older and becoming wiser, I now shop with a purpose.  

My shopping has become more meaningful, and I now keep it simple by buying what I need.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture of more is more that leads to meaningless shopping and hoarding tendencies.

Questions I ask myself before I shop, how, why, when, and where do I shop?

Hey, do not get me wrong, I did, go through a stage of just buying.

The sad thing is that when I look back to that time in my life, I had other issues that had nothing to do with more things, but my worth (Different post altogether) 

Little did I know that God’s Love is all I needed to feel self-worth. 

Listen! even the waste-less movement could have helped me.

Saving money

I know what you are thinking, “but hang on, shopping for eco-friendly items always costs more.

How is that an action to save money? Your thinking is correct.

Eco-friendly items will cost more at the beginning but are cheaper with time.

As an example: 10 Nomusa – Be Kind facial rounds will cost you R450

1- circle washes 300 times, and 10 – circles 3000 washes, which is over 8 – years plus before you need to buy again.

On the other hand, the R29 for 80 use once cotton pads when using 2 – per day (sometimes even more than 2 per day) in 8 – years you would have spent R2103 no inflation included.


Buying from a local vender is great act towards sustainability. If you can get locally produced item, even better.

I say this with a lot of caution, as per my previous blog when I shared how HARD it is to produce goods in South Africa.

And for those of us who awarded the opportunity to produce locally, it comes with a price to our consumers.

Having said that, I could not have it any other way.

My little business contributes to the economy I, add value and support other local businesses.

If COVID has taught me anything, it is that we are be off producing local goods.

I reuse as many items as I can.

I recycle a lot of items (Mayonnaise bottles never looked this good) I also give some to local vendors or to my most favorite” Trolley-preneurs

What do you do the most, recycle or reuse?

Done with my little Cricut Joy

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  1. PT

    To sustainability. Hear, hear! Thank you for an informative read.

    1. Nondumiso Morais

      Thank you so taking your time to visit us. We learn from each other.

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