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Nomusa – Be Kind Customer Review

Today we are doing things a little differently.
Talking about Nomusa – Be Kind reusable facial rounds is like second nature to me, granted I have been part of the journey from day one. I am also very passionate about it. It is more than just a product. I am on a mission to change the World.But today is about the customer experience and what they think about our product.

Locally made! South African small business! Made from Bamboo! and they come with a beautiful story & messages!

Each box contains 10 bamboo rounds & a bag to wash them in. 

The rounds seen in my photos have been used several times and been through the wash a few times – so you can see what they look like after being used & washed.

They are incredibly soft, but at the same time they feel like they clean whatever I am trying to clean well (from make up to just my normal face).

Ian has very sensitive skin – so his skin was the ultimate test for these rounds. He has used them, & continues to use them, as his daily face cleaning rounds (he uses them instead of a face cloth and they have replaced his hemp face cloths).

They have worked wonderfully for my oily skin and his dry/sensitive skin.

They wash easily and come clean in our usual washes (natural laundry detergent). We wash them with our clothes – making them a really easy sustainable swop (if you are still using single use face rounds).

My honest feedback is that I highly recommend these to anyone looking to use reusable rounds & to people who are currently using disposable, but wanting to make the eco swop. I believe they are cost effective and every aspect of them aligns with my sustainability values.

I personally found swopping to reusable rounds a pretty easily eco swop relative to some of the others – but would love to hear from you! Have you made the swop? Not yet? what’s holding you back? If you have made the swop, how have you experienced it?

Thank you Carmen @SustainabilityC for the time and care you took trying and writing our review.
Good question, have you made the switch?

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