I have exciting news to share with you. Nomusa – Be kind is launching soon!
Nomusa – Be Kind
You know the feeling you get in the 9th month of pregnancy. That feeling of excitement to meet your baby but also nerve-wracking. That wonder if you are ready enough to meet your baby and how your baby will react towards you? My feelings, for the last year. I have been working on this project for almost 4-years. I remember the day that it all started like it was yesterday. We had been in living in Mozambique for a few months. I desperately needed facial pads, but I could not find anything, and when I did, they cost me a small fortune. I bought them of course. A girl had no choice. The creative entrepreneurial me started thinking, how nice will it be if I had facial rounds that I could reuse? I started writing what I would like, how I would like it, and mostly how I wanted it to impact the environment positively and off course it must be cost-effective. I put it all away as I had so many other things happening in my life at that time, and I also did not have the resources to pull anything of this nature in Mozambique, but little did I know that it is just as hard in South Africa. A few months after returning to South Africa, I started researching material manufacturers. Oh boy! did I get shocked by reality! Guys, South Africa still has a significant amount of work in the manufacturing industry. Finding the right tools to do the job is a challenge. But if you know me, you will know that I never take no for an answer. By the way, I heard more NO’s working on the Nomusa – Be kind project than any other project I have ever done. Not only did I hear no, so many times, I payed/still paying entrepreneurial school fees through making mistakes. So many times I felt unworthy to even think I can do this. The Bible tells us that we are made through God’s very own image – How worthy and enough does this make me? This served as a reminder that I have everything in me and around me to pull this off. I need to trust the Lord with all of it… I mean ALL! What does Nomusa – Be Kind mean to me and my family? It means an opportunity to build something that can change how people live, something to pass it on to our kids, and for me to use my God-given talent of creativity and the gift spiritual entrepreneurship. Just writing this I get very emotional and super blessed that we are here today as a start to the next level.
This post serves as an introduction and a thank you to all who have supported us thus far. I see you and I appreciate you so much. Made in South Africa for the world. I look forward to hearing from you once you have used the Nomusa – Be kind facial rounds.
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